Jill Hauben, LCSW

When there are 2 people in a relationship who are curious and receptive to one another it creates a feeling of safety. When we feel safe with someone else, we can find our words and take a risk in being ourselves. If you haven’t had the experience of being seen and loved for who you are in a relationship, it’s hard to believe that connection can feel easy and yield clear language, feelings, warmth, and avenues to getting the things you want in life. Just because two people are bound by love, commitment, or marriage, does not mean each person is known and attended to. My work with you is to help you and your partner feel this sense of safety and receptivity that illuminates a loving connection and a life wide open.

I’ve been curious about relationships throughout my life. I’ve wondered about what people said and what they meant. I’ve learned that if I understand myself, it will help me better understand the people around me. Gradually and gratefully, I’ve come to realize and trust that there are also certain people in my life who will help me figure things out with them. But, only if I’m curious out loud. That means I can gently ask “do you still love me?” or “when I didn’t hear back from you about dinner, did that mean you already ate?” or “when you laughed, was it because you were noticing the emerging pimple growing from the tip of my nose?”

After fifteen years as a therapist, and more recently, a student and proponent of the PACT model, I continue to increase my understanding of attachment and relationships. With my experience, knowledge, and special training, I’m passionate about therapy, listening closely, and bringing awareness and relationship skills to share with you.

I have a Masters in Social Work from Portland State University. I’m licensed in Oregon and Washington. Prior to focusing on relationships in therapy with clients, my areas of expertise and interests have been: effects of childhood trauma and neglect, eating disorders, and addictions.

Since I’m originally from NYC, you may detect an accent when I say “coffee” or “talk.” I currently live in Portland, Oregon where I enjoy the landscape and natural, active playground of the Pacific Northwest. I live with my precious husband and son and am closely connected to a band of wise and loving friends.

Insurance and Payment

We currently accept Kaiser and private pay clients. If you have Kaiser insurance, please call me directly, as Kaiser does not require a referral and you can initiate treatment without contacting their Mental Health triage department.

My fee is $165/hour. At the beginning of treatment, I recommend meeting for 2 hours.

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